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Top Web Design Tips

Make sure that your website has a purpose.

Top principles of effective web design

Top Web Design Tips

Designing a website is a lot more complicated than simply producing fancy images,

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Top principles of effective web design

Designing a website is a lot more complicated than simply producing fancy images, and directing users to links around the page. A website needs to be able to ‘wow’ an audience – encouraging them to read on. It may need to tell the story of a company, selling a product whilst doing so. The world wide web is a collection of amazing websites which have taken hours, days and months to design. If you are starting a new website, it can be scary and difficult to compete with some of the professional-looking ones out there. Here are 7 of our principles on web design, to help you build your site.


Make sure that your website has a purpose. Are you writing blogs and therefore providing an opinion or describing an experience? Are you trying to sell a product? Identify the website’s purpose first, and keep your design focused on what you are trying to achieve.


Make your website user-friendly. Information needs to be easy to digest and understand, otherwise viewers will simply go elsewhere. Break down information into headlines, sub-headlines and bullet points to enable users to easily identify and understand the information you are communicating to them.

Load time

Nobody enjoys scrolling through the pages of a website that takes ages to load. Time is precious and people get easily frustrated if a page doesn’t immediately open. You can speed up the time it takes for pages to load, by ‘minifying’ HTML, Javascript and CSS – compress them, to speed them up.

Mobile friendly

Technology and the internet is everywhere and has been designed to give users access to the information they need wherever they are. What might make your website stand out from the competition, is its accessibility. Make your website mobile friendly, by allowing its size to adjust to fit different screen sizes, or make a separate, specific, mobile site.


Keep colours simple: you don’t want to give your readers a headache! A nice, bright layout, however, can make the text stand out and be attractive for readers to view. However, if they are too vibrant, they can create emotion (not always positive!) If you have a brand image, then you might choose to base your website’s colour scheme around the brand colours. Careful consideration of colours can go a long way to making your website a success.


Once more, your brand can be effectively promoted if you position brand images cleverly on the page. In addition to photographs, consider adding videos to your website – this gives the viewer a different experience to reading and feels like they are being entertained.


Choosing the right font adds to the reading experience, and if carefully chosen, appeal to the reader’s aesthetic tastes. Avoid boring fonts such as times new roman. Generally speaking, size 16 is a good size to use. Remain consistent (one or two fonts) to ensure that readers aren’t put off by your content.

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